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The Reunification of Czechoslovakia (Drupal community!)

I've recently been chatting with Jozef Toth from Mogdesign, who has been laregely responsible for maintaining the www.drupal.sk community. The SK community site has been inactive for a while now, since most people are coming to www.drupal.cz.

We've talked about moving useful content from the SK community site to the www.drupal.cz site and redirecting the .sk domain here to the .cz domain.

If anyone objects to this marriage (or has better ideas), „speak now or forever hold your peace“ :)

ref: http://drupal.sk/node/1195



If technically possible, could d.sk domain work as masked redirect? d.sk would direct to d.cz but user interface language would be in slovak?

So we could have 2 same looking sites with same content but on separate domains with proper UI language for each.

Just an idea. Maybe an overkill : )

Anyway, +1 for the marriage

i18n for cz/sk

i18n neni uplne nejednodusy vec nasadit. Jeste by komplikovalo budouci vyvoj nove funcnost. V meho nazoru momentalne jsou jine veci ktery by byli vic pomohl komunita nez nasadit 2 jazykove interface…

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