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Drupal.cz release-2.5 deployed today

We've done another release deployment! Release-2.5 was deployed to drupal.cz today. The change that people will be able to notice is that we now have the BUeditor available for all users. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to write posts.

Other changes include new development domain names and some mod_rewrite redirects. A few helper modules were also installed.

I hope that this will help to encourage other members of our community to also contribute.

Development workflow

We've made the development workflow easier to track. There are now DNS entries for all stages: The non-production environments are protected via the shield module, which forces an Apache password. The credentials for the non-production environments are:
  • Username: drupal
  • Password: cz
I've also redirected the default Acquia cloud environment domain names to our subdomains. I wrote a blog post about this a while back.

Code-based deployment

Features and strongarm are now on the server so we can now properly deploy code based functionality. The first feature module is dcz_base, which we'll use to store general configuration that doesn't justify its own module. Set up a local Drupal.cz instance to see how it works!

Next steps

The next thing that I want to do will continue the clean-up: remove the contemplates module and make template files for all the overrides that we have. When this is done, it opens the way to make a new theme layer and front page.

If you want to help, just get in touch with me at andrew@pronovix.com or eva at eva@squelle.cz. You can also find out more about our development methodology in this post.




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